Is It Worth Getting Rid Of Your Smart Phone To Go Old School?

Smart phones have become a common sight. They are used for business, entertainment and communication. Smart phones are starting to make it harder to find private or quiet time. They can also create stress when used unofficially for work. Anyone who is thinking about getting rid of a smart phone for a simpler solution will want to consider several points before making a decision.

4. Friends Could Have Issues Calling

One of the issues that anyone should consider before giving up a smart phone is that friends and family might have difficulty calling a landline or disposable phone. Cell phone carriers tend to provide few to no discounts for calls made to landlines. This could use minutes every month that friends were not expecting to spend because the old smart phone was within the calling network. Additionally, landlines and simple phones cannot receive text messages or picture messages although there are ways to send and receive messages online. These issues should be carefully addresses before selling a smart phone.

3. Lower Monthly Costs

Selling my iPhone becomes attractive for many people because it removes the need for a complex and expensive contract. Modern contracts now include a number of bells and whistles that increase the overall price each month. Data rates and overage fees have the potential to increase charges quickly. Newer smart phones require contracts that are even more expensive in order to use some of the advanced features. Simple phone plans are far less expensive and are more predictable. It is even possible to get discounted phone service as part of a cable or Internet package.

2. Immediate Cash

One of the strategies that cell phone carriers use to attract customers is to offer a smart phone for free or for very little cost when signing a new contract. A benefit of dropping a smart phone and going back to a simple landline is that the owner of the phone can sell the device and make money fast. Even older phones can bring some amount of money. Services such as are making selling old or unneeded iPhones easier than ever before. Returning to a landline means it will be unnecessary to maintain expensive smart phones or other equipment like chargers and docking stations.

1. Fewer Distractions

Some individuals are selling smart phones and cancelling contracts because it allows for a more peaceful lifestyle. The idea of being constantly accessible and connected through a smart phone has made it difficult for some people to make it through a day without constant distractions and interruptions. Returning to a basic landline means that all calls are dealt with when it is convenient. An answering machine or service allows a person to deal with missed calls at the end of the day and not while eating in a restaurant or working on a project.