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Latest features and benefits of cloud storage

The world is becoming more technically minded by the minute, especially when it comes to business. New software programmes are often released on a regular basis, whilst alternatives to match the rest are constantly popping up on our radar.

When it comes to storing, transporting and receiving various files and also, the work of larger companies, Dropbox is possibly the most popular of all storage programmes. The biggest asset offered by this particular platform – being able to carry a multitude of important files around in your pocket. This certainly saves on space and time, and is especially beneficial when you need to access certain projects from a remote location. All that is required is an Internet connection. There is even an application available, which can be downloaded to your smartphone.

Increase in popularity: 

All of these storage systems are becoming more popular by the minute; Dropbox however, still remains at the head of the game. This is due to its freshness, and also due to the fact the team behind the brand are constantly updating its features. Because of these exciting new features, the Dropbox fan base has almost doubled in size – going from a total of 100 million to 175 million users since November.

Latest features: 

With just a few lines of code, one of the latest Dropbox features entitled ‘drop in’ now allows developers to use just a few lines of code to connect to millions of Dropboxes. This allows users to save files in a simple, hassle-free manner, and all it takes is one click.

The newly revamped Dropbox Platform API and its features will more than likely be able to take advantage of the 100,000 applications, all using this software alone. Dropbox is also showcasing a new Mailbox IOS app, which will be released in the very near future. Many cloud storage companies like nScaled offer remote backup solutions

Other alternatives:

Of course there are alternatives to Dropbox, some of which come in the shape of, Google Drive,, Sugar Sync, Sky drive, Team Drive, and Cloud Me. is another storage platform that, just like Dropbox, has reached a high level of maturity in a small space of time. As well as backing-up data, it also allows users to share and mange it too. Data can be shared through a number of devices including the likes of Mac, Linus, Windows and Android.

Google Drive is a good option for those that are already familiar with other Google Platforms, including both Google Docs and Google Services. Financial recruitment venues using systems including Google Docs and Google Services will benefit from this tool, as it can be synchronised to these platforms. Google Drive boasts an initial total of 5GB, which comes in the shape of free storage. It can however be expanded for a small sum per month and is able to hold 25GB all in all.

Possibly the strongest point of Wuala is their safety aspect. Each and every file is encrypted before it’s released onto the server, meaning only you will have access to these files. Clients that invite new faces to join the service will receive extra storage for free.

Sugar Sync offers a free mail account to those using Libero Mobile and again offers 5GB of free storage, which can then be upgraded for a fee. Sky Drive on the other hand provides new users with an impressive 7GB for free, and is a great option for companies and individuals using Microsoft Office 2013 and Windows (8). Users can also edit files directly.

Team Drive recently won the award for IT Security, which means it gains strong points for safety, making it one of the better alternatives to Dropbox. It only starts with 2GB, despite this; users can quickly gain up to 10GB by inviting others.