Best Theatre Musicals Which Should not be Missed in London

London is well known for its amazing theatre musicals that must be watched by everyone who visits the city. Despite the presence of many musical theatres in London, only a few are named as the best. For many years now, London has been named as the classical music capital of the world. London also attains some of the best theatre musicals in the world, making most tourists visit the city because of the musicals.

Check out a list of Top Best Theatre Musicals You Should Not be Miss In London

Wicked-The Wicked musical was supposed to end in London a couple weeks ago, but the coordinators of the musical decided to extend its showing throughout the 2012 London Olympics. The story of the Wicked musical simply is very entertaining and interesting showing people the life of the wicked witch of the west. The story of the musical talks about how she wasn’t really such an awful person before, but as time passed, she started to believe the things people said about her. The story and actors of this show simply make it so believable and worth watching. Make sure that you don’t miss this show when you’re at London, as the actors will really make the show even more enjoyable to watch. If you want to watch the best theatre musicals in London, you will need to visit the bigticketshop to get tickets for concerts. Make sure to be early when trying to purchase theatre musicals, Box Office tickets, because there are many people who watch these musicals every day.

Shrek The MusicalShrek The Musical is all about our favourite hero and his best friend donkey, and their adventure on trying to save the beautiful Princess Fiona from the tower. The entire story of this musical is exactly like the original movie, but with added songs from the stars. It is an enjoyable musical that comes with fun surprises throughout their adventure, definitely making it a must watch when you’re in London.

Thriller-The locals in London were always such a huge fan of the great Michael Jackson, making Thriller one of the most watched musicals of all time in London. This musical is a tribute to the very talented star as well as the Jackson 5. The entire musical is very entertaining and is portrayed very nicely, as the actors, singers, and dancers extensively trained to make the entire show perfect. You should definitely consider watching this fun and exciting musical when you visit London.