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Custom design for your kids room

If you are like me and the billions people around the world who are sick and tired of all the traditional kid-room interior design ideas that are on the market. Children are our future, and it is our responsibility to give them everything that they require. But not all children are the same! How can we group one group of people with another, and call for individuality and the freedom to make up our own minds? Customizing the interior design of your child’s room is the greatest gift you can give them; because a child like an empty book, waiting to be filled. And what we put in their rooms will determine what kind of people will they become when they grow up. The ideal kids room must be the personification of everything you want your child to absorb and grow accustomed to for his older years. A spinning globe on the desk will spark an interest for geography and travel. A guitar or a polytonal synthesizer is exactly what your child need to be a great musician and entertainer. Here are some amazing tips for decorating your kids room in a way which is totally unique and will stimulate their imagination and desire to learn.

Custom design for kids roomTip 1  Don’t be gender specific

When choosing the color scheme of your kids room, be sure to deviate from choosing gender appropriate colors, for they can promote some very serious psychological issues later on. When we talk about not being gender appropriate I mean something like “pink for the girls”, “blue for the boys” etc. Be creative, and if it makes you feel more comfortable, you can use ‘gender neutral’ colors, like brown and yellow. Mixing two or core colors together is always preferable when one is trying to achieve originality.

Tip 2  Keep it simplistic yet stylish

Just because it is a kids room, it doesn’t mean it has to look like one. You should design it the same way you would any other room in the house. When the child grows old enough, he will decorate the room any way he sees appropriate, but until then you must instill a sense of fashion into his still soft little cranium and make him understand that messiness will not be tolerated.

Tip 3  Make the decors educational

When your child first learns about the world, it should be in a place that is inviting for knowledge to come in and stay. Having a smart and educational interior decorations is the way to go if you want your child to thrive spiritually and intellectually. Setting up all the major constellations on the ceiling or placing a big map of the world as a wallpaper is sure to bring your kid one step closer towards choosing a scientific career in the future. Make sure that you make it interesting for him, without being overly pretentious.

Tip 4  Involve your child in the creative process. .

Always ask your kid about his opinion when remodeling/redecorating his room.  If the child is into space exploration and astronomy, it is best to have such a motif presiding over the interior. You can even go so far as to make a game of the whole thing; just let your child’s imagination spearhead the creative process, and the results would astound even the most discerning parent.

The fact of the matter is that you are making your kids room only once; meaning that you must spare no expenses and do a good, quality job. It is your choice if you wish for your child to have the newest video game console or a big, flat screen TV. But if you feel comfortable with letting your child express himself, then every piece of technology is welcome to stay as long as it is not distracting from school work and proper studying time.