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Do Not Worry About Scleroderma – It’s Easy to Manage

Are you worried with Scleroderma? Yes, it’s painful and needs lots of patience to bear but; a strong will power of get rid of it and are strong and health can help you to suffer little. Many ladies and gents are suffering with Scleroderma since many years and some are recently affected. Many people are not aware that they are suffering with Scleroderma so they are still searching for the right diagnose of their problems.

Tissues which supports to your skin and inner organs if, affected by infections, lack of immune power or wrong medications is called as “Scleroderma”. Scleroderma occupies tissues that get contracted or thick. It can as well cause inflammation or pain in the joints & muscles.  Swelling in the joints, sore muscles, pain in joints are the basic symptoms of Scleroderma.

Some kind of Scleroderma leads to rough and tight skin but other types of Scleroderma affect blood vessels and most important organs like kidneys, heart or lungs etc.

What are the causes of Scleroderma?

Actually you cannot predict that what the reasons of Scleroderma are; as it is not hereditary which is transferred from parent to child. It is actually depending upon person to person.

What are the kinds of Scleroderma? There are two kinds of Scleroderma that are Systemic/General and Localized i.e. limited to small area. Systemic Scleroderma is called when it is affected the entire body and when definite body part is affected then it is identified as Localized Scleroderma. Only skin tissues are harmed in localized/general Scleroderma and no additional body organs are affected. It may get well again or cured without taking any remedy but, in few people it can be severe and may spoil their skin. But in systemic Scleroderma not only skin tissues are affected but also blood vessels and other major organs of human body are harmed.

Who catch up with Scleroderma?

Scleroderma is very common in women than children or men; any one can catch it. Mostly it is observed that, it is seen in people below age 40 and it is more common in European countries like America or Africa.  Systemic type is very common in 30 to 50 aged groups. You must be thinking how Scleroderma is diagnosed? By having several laboratory/medical tests, Skin biopsy, studying your medical history and a physical exam. Actually it is hard to detect but it will be easy if you have common symptoms and if your skin is getting thick very fast.

A treatment of Scleroderma is easy as a rheumatologist means a doctor who takes care of arthritis and other deceases related to joints and tissues; this specialist may ask you to go through some diagnostic tests and if the problem is severe and your Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, Digestion system, Movement or Speech problem then he may ask you to consult to the experts.

Actually Scleroderma has no healing but recognizing by symptoms the damage can be reduced. Scleroderma patients should take certain care of themselves like they should avoid smoking, always keep their body warm by wearing warm clothes, little exercise to relax your body, keep your mind relax by listening your favorite music or chanting mantras. Take some medicines which will open up your blood vessels and help for better blood circulation, reduce the swelling and readiness of your joints and also ask for those medicines which will cure ulcers and skin sores. Also to avoid stiffness and pains in joints do some stretching exercises will help for joint motion start swimming as it’s a best exercise for your body. Every day after having a bath apply some oil based products on your skin like creams and lotions to avoid the dryness. Always use sunscreen while going out in the sun, avoid very hot water bath and hard soaps & chemicals. Always wear rubber hand gloves if you have to use such harmful chemicals. Make a habit of exercising regularly.