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3 Major Ways You May Be Ruining Your Skin

People often look at their skin as something that just is and probably bother a little about the appearance when something goes wrong or they see a wrinkle or two. But did you know the skin is the largest organ in the human body and you have nearly 2 meters of exposed skin to look after in fact! And while we often think of our skin as something that we would ideally want glowing and healthy to make us look better or notice when we see the first signs of aging or sun spots, it is much more than that. In fact many doctors say that the condition of your skin is a clear indication of your general health and wellness.

SkincareWhen it is severe problems and solutions like acne and psoriasis cure people take necessary preventive measures to look after and nourish this vital organ. However, it is the everyday things that you may or may not be doing that often affect your skin the most. A lifetime of bad habits will surely reflect on the health and condition of your skin.

Let us take a look at a few ways that people most mistreat their epidermis –

Smoking – The increased risk of cancers, cardiac problems, respiratory issues and other serious health issues have all been attributed to smoking. And skin damage is another ill effect that is high on the list. After the damages due to sun exposure, smoking comes second regarding the way it affects a person’s skin and appearance. Discoloration on the face and around the lips like yellowing or darker patches, premature formation of wrinkles and a dull, lifeless look are extremely common in regular smokers, not to mention yellower teeth and even stained fingers and fingernails. Smoking limits the supply of blood to the skin and affects blood circulation as well as causes blood vessels and capillaries to contract. It deprives the skin tissue of the much required oxygen it needs to be healthy and supple. It is also one of the causes that leads to frequent psoriasis flare ups and will interfere with any kind of psoriasis cure.

Picking at your skin – Have a zit or one looming, a blackhead or two or a a scratch and most people go at it. Popping a zit is one of the most common ways people mess up their skin. While it may be super tempting to squeeze and try and pop those often painful things, it may be worsening the condition far more than you think. Not only are you taking the risk of some permanent scarring on the pimple affected area, but are also spreading the infection and pushing the mess inside the zit deeper into the skin and can lead to further skin infections as well. Some kinds of acne might need to be ‘popped’ to remove pus and promote healing, but must be done so only by a dermatologist or professional. Besides the causes of and different kinds of acne are complex and varied and you can never be sure what exactly your picking and squeezing are doing to the affected and surrounding areas.

Using unclean objects – That makeup brush you have picked a million times to apply that blush or that wash-cloth you use every day to wipe your face, all these things can be carriers of bacteria and germs, which are the main culprits for skin breakouts. Make sure any kind of makeup, grooming or other object is clean before it touches your face. And the most commonly misused tool – your hands! Always wash your hands first before touching or cleansing your face.

Taking care of your skin, much like any other organ of your body is vital. It is never too early to start!