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Ultimate Care Giving Exercises for Staying Active All the Day

I’ve been lucky to give some tips for caregivers who are dedicating their time to serve the needy! If you are a caregiver, then you would have known why there is no end to physical responsibilities and why always people need your constant support and care.

Moral responsibilities are becoming so important these days and you must be strong enough to work for others. In addition, you must be alert, physically active and have enough stamina to do the service all around the day.

Following are few simple and best workouts, which helps you to make the most of your day committed to work as the best caregiver:


It is the best all-round fitness and is a very great exercise for caregivers. In fact it helps in gaining lots of patience and tolerance. It also relieves your from stress and makes your body more flexible that increase your alertness in your work. Almost everything can be done with yoga. Don’t you find enough time for yoga class? You can perform at home to improve your energy, increase your immunity with right yoga mats.


Running is the most basic exercise and is a very easy task that you can do it in a very short time. It helps to keep you physically fit and maintain your BMI. It makes you healthy, increase your stamina levels and even it works as a stress-releaser that keeps your mind fresh and relax. It can be done without any fitness equipments, but for the best possible results try working out with a treadmill.


Running on stairs is another incredible workout that encourages your muscles to jump and pumps up your heart beat. Try climbing up stairs by posing backwards and vice versa with your running routine. It also enriches your cardio and increases your core muscle strength with less impact and less speed.


As a caregiver, you might have the responsibilities of lifting elderly people to shift them from one place to another or to take them to hospitals. So you might be constantly on the move and holding weights. For carrying over-weights you must have powerful legs to make you lift easier. Try doing squats that help in increasing the strength of your lower body especially your hips, thighs and butt.

Bench Press:

If you are supposed to lift weights on hands, then bench press will be the best workout to give strength to your upper body! This is a powerful workout for building huge muscles and you may find its effect while lifting heavy objects like furniture, goods or people throughout your day. It helps in enhancing your bone density and maximum your productivity.


Using rowing machines can enhance your upper body muscles very strongly from chest to biceps and also your back body muscles. It can be one of the best cardio workouts that can double your strength. It helps in burning your calories and also conditions your lower body! Compared to other cardio equipment, I personally feel that rowing machines have the lowest risk of injury.


Like other sports such as football, basketball and rugby, Cycling provides a big payoff in reducing your stress and also builds your cardio strength. In bonus, cycling also helps in toning your upper-legs like squats and also improves the ability to lift dead weights.