Beijing-Looking For Sky Yet Firmly Grounded

Beijing, the capital of People’s Republic of China, is an eclectic collage of ultra modern skyscrapers and tradition hutongs. The Chinese capital has embraced modernity without bidding adieu to its tradition. The city underwent rapid transformation while preparing for Olympics 2008. Since then this mega city has never looked back. Tourists on their trip to the city will come across its magnificent imperial past and glittering shopping malls heavily loaded with tourist attractions. Here we turn spotlight on major hubs of Beijing tourism.

Beijing’s top places to explore:

Chaoyang District

Hot and happening is the world that defines Chaoyang. The area remains abuzz with activities throughout the day and evening are very spectacular. Replete with countless bars and pubs, the area is a haven for office goers, students, and expats who come to unwind at this place after a day full of activities. The area is also home to several embassies that makes it a popular haunt for expatriates.

beijing travelDongcheng District

If you are of the opinion that the city of Beijing is all about glittering shopping malls and high risers than make a trip to Dongcheng District where you opinion will have a paradigm shift. Dongcheng District is replete with idyllic hutongs and numerous historical sites showcasing traditional sides of Chinese capital. A day trip to this district will acquaint you with character of the city.

Haidian District

Haidian District is educational and technology hub of the city and showcases the rise of middle class. The area is the hub of education and IT. A large number of important IT companies are located here.

Outskirts of Beijing

Apart from the glitters of the city the outskirts of the city is equally fascinating. On your trip to the outskirts of the city you will come across the historical and cultural sites that transport you back in the history. Visit Great Wall of China as no trip of china is said to be complete without a trip to this place. Tourists often board business class flights to Beijing to visit this destination.

Southern Districts: Chongwen & Xuanwu

A trip to the southern part of the city acquaints you with an experience of different kind as it is the place where you get a peek in to the ancient Beijing. It is here you get a chance to discover religious, artistic and cultural life of China of yore. With several small shops European architecture, opera and theatres the place instinctively gives you a reflection of Beijing of former times. Source of Law Temple or Antiques Street (Liulichang) should be visited for a fulfilling experience.

Xicheng District

Xicheng District is a complete tourism material with scrumptious dining spaces, eye-catching hutongs and traditional courtyard houses and alluring lakes. The crazy nightlife of the regions attracts a large number of tourists. With great diversity, several historical and cultural places, and scrumptious dinning these regions of Beijing enthral your senses leaving you wanting for more.