Blogging- A Great Tool to promote Your Business

The emergence of blogs started in 1990s. Today companies are extensively using social media sites and mobile apps for business promotion but blogging remains popular and it’s playing key role in building relationships with online users. The term Blog was first coined by Jorn Barger. Blog is an abbreviated version of “weblog,” and is a contradiction of the words Web and Log. The term Weblog is used to describe web sites that maintain plethora of information. Generally blogs content links to articles and images and product news and etc. today people are extensively doing blogging based on their interests and earning money from them also.

Blogs are a valuable marketing tool is they are used in efficient manner. It is known that 84% of top 100 websites are offering mobile content. Around 71% bloggers are showing interest to write about premium brands. Professional bloggers mainly focus on writing information products and services. In February 2011, over 156 million public blogs were in existence on internet.

Now every company is running a blogs with latest products information and to keep in touch with their customers and to attract people. Now some people are making blogging as professional career and maintaining several blogs on various like Gadgets, technology, finance, home improvement, sports, Health, fashion, and etc.  Content Archives, feeds, blogrolls, syndication, managing comments in the site are vital elements every blogger need to know.

Companies have to come up with informative blogs to attract visitors. The content must be unique have to do research and write informative blogs. Some people will write blogs on history or current events hobbies, techniques or procedures etc. Blogs can inspire, inform or provoke. Blogs can be used to document all major happenings and events in human’s life.

Blogs are the best ways to promote original ideas before they are realized or marketed to the general public. Now Blogs and content sites are cheap or free to read and the sites that offer unique content topics can attract huge people.