Top tips to help you buy the right necklaces based on your neckline

Pairing the right jewelry with your clothes may seem like a fairly easy task; however, you need to be extremely alert when doing so since going overboard may leave you looking loud and garish, while too little may not make any difference to your ensemble at all. Usually, neck pieces are one of the trickiest jewelry items and can be the difference between good and great. Most women ignore the importance of wearing the right necklace based on the neckline of their clothes. It is crucial that you use the perfect combination of necklace and the neckline to avoid looking graceless and clumsy.

necklacesWhen it comes to necklines, women are thrown open to a whole new world altogether with a plethora of necklines that they need to consider. There are dresses and blouses that are available in turtlenecks, V-necks, square necks, halter necks and even strapless among others. Therefore, while rare diamonds New York will help take your look to the next level, it is equally important that you pair them with the right neckline for maximum effect. Given below are some essential tips and guidelines to help you select the right necklace and pair it with a neckline that will most effectively bring out its features.

1.)   The event and time of the day matters:

When wearing your necklace, it is extremely important that you consider the magnitude of the event that you wish to attend. As a rule of thumb, any event organized during day time calls for you to wear light and delicate necklaces that do not look too garish. Conversely, an evening party requires you to wear rich and ornate neck pieces that complement the event well.

2.)   Picking the right necklace for a V-neck line:

The V-neck is one of the most common and popular necklines that women swear by. There are a multitude of cardigans, blouses and tee shirts that usually have a V-neckline. Therefore, pairing the right necklace is important. As a rule of thumb, you must wear a necklace that resembles the V-neck shape. Therefore, a simple chain with a pendant works best for this neckline. The pendant could be delicate or chunky. Pendants emblazoned with rare diamonds from New York can also make for an excellent necklace for a V-neck. However, the key is to steer clear of necklaces that are round or layered.

3.)   Shun the necklace when wearing a halter blouse:

A halter blouse helps draw attention towards the neckline. Cramming this area with necklaces will only help draw unwanted attention that can eventually prove to be a fashion disaster. Instead, trade your necklace for stylish earrings that help balance out the look.

4.)   Chunky necklaces for strapless dresses:

When wearing strapless blouses or dresses you are permitted to wear chunky necklaces that help attract eyeballs. Therefore, you can consider wearing elaborate choker or bib necklaces that will help complement the strapless piece of clothing. However, when you select this type of a statement necklace, it is important that you go easy on the other jewellery items and completely do away with them for maximum effect. It will help lend you a polished look and add oodles of glamour. Therefore, when you select a choker, you must make sure that you do not wear earrings, bracelets or any other jewellery. If you must, wear only a pair of stud earrings in muted colours, so as to not make your overall ensemble appear flashy.

5.)   Longer chains for turtlenecks:

Opera necklaces that are longer in length work excellently with turtlenecks and are a great option to pair your turtlenecks with when you plan to go out for lunch with your girl pals.

Pamela Nichols is a fashion consultant and a personal shopper and has been working in this industry for over 4 years. She has a professional degree in finance; however, her love for fashion and jewellery led her to take this step. Rare diamonds from New York are her favourite and she loves her sneakers.