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What exactly are zero gravity chairs, and are they worth investing in?

Recent studies are starting to suggest that sitting in a chair for hours and hours at a time (each and every single day) like so many of us do on a regular basis can have devastating impacts on our short and long term health.

In fact, some medical researchers and scientists are going as far as suggesting that sitting in a chair and relating sedentary for four hours or six hours at a time can have the same kind of impact on your health that smoking three packs of cigarettes a day can – truly an eye-opening study.

At the same time, our modern life almost demands that we spend a tremendous amount of time each and every day in front of a computer screen or in a chair – with technology lagging too far behind to make these kinds of jobs and positions safe.

Well, that used to be true – but is no longer, thanks to the zero gravity chairs.

zero gravity chairs

A new breakthrough in chair technology

A relatively new addition to the world of chairs, the truth of the matter is that zero gravity chairs combine a tremendous amount of cutting edge technology with exciting engineering all designed and developed to make sure that you’re able to more comfortably – and safely – sit in a specific position for hours and hours on end.

Not only are zero gravity chairs ridiculously comfortable of their from the moment that you plop down into them), but they also protect your health through very specific technologies and engineering marvels.

How do zero gravity chairs work?

At the way that zero gravity chair works is rather ingenious. Rather than taking the traditional approach to creating a seated position, all of the different pneumatic technology in zero gravity chairs create an almost “weightless sensation” – not dissimilar to what astronauts experience when they are in our orbit. You’ll be able to sit up, lay flat, elevate your appendages, and completely customize your seating experience in an endless amount of configurations – giving you the chance to move your body into unit positions without ever having to leave your chair.

How do zero gravity chairs benefit everyday folks like you and I?

Not only are zero gravity chairs easily the most comfortable chairs on the planet – by the very nature of their design and infinite flexibility – but they also give you the opportunity to reduce the stress and pressure on your body, stress and pressure it was never designed to withstand.

No longer will you have to worry about artificially forcing your body to sit in a specifically arched position, you’ll never have to deal with legs that fall asleep because of restricted blood flow and atrophy, and you’ll always be able to alleviate stress and pressure on any of the “hotspots” you find on your body that come from sitting in a traditional seated position for hours and hours on end.

How do I buy the very best zero gravity chair available?

This really is the million-dollar question, isn’t it? The reality is that you want to try out a handful of zero gravity chairs before you purchase the one that suits your needs best – the kind of zero gravity chair that you feel 100% comfortable in all the time. This could be a bit of a time-consuming process, but once you find the perfect zero gravity chair your life will change completely. It’s definitely worth investing just a bit of time to research, test, and discover exactly which zero gravity chair is the best option for you.