Enjoy the Best Nightlife Scenes in the world to the Fullest

Every city in the world has a charm of its own as well as unique qualities. In some parts it is the culture, the structural design, the history, the grub, the artistic sceneries or a combination of all these things.

Yet, the outstanding cities for party have all these and even now experience complete makeover during night. They change to be louder and maybe even spicier and hotter than the rest.

World’s Top Party Destinations:

ThailandBangkok (Thailand) is perhaps one of the best examples. With its friendly locales, sky scraping lavish hotels, stylish nightclubs and scrumptious street food is what the city looks for in every party rebel.

One this city was reputed for its bars and restaurants and nothing else but now the night life of Bangkok has had a complete transformation. This has been mainly because of the expatriate population and international DJs (Disc Jockeys). Music and break-dance fanatics flock to the party scene at 808 Bangkok and the lovers of music relax inside the low-key decors of the Bed Supper club. This one is a real cool and fashionable place with a sleek restaurant as well as an art gallery.

Stateside in the New York City is the undisputed centre of enthusiasm. The Big Apple is the city that is still one of the world’s top spots for party travelers. With its 24-hour underground railway system, an amazing array of palace like night-clubs, late night restaurants as well as fashionable bars. The city, New York is the place where the night life is at its peak. In Chelsea, the Pink Elephant is an electrifying night club and the self-indulgent Park Hotel’s Gramercy Rose Bar is an enchanted and sophisticated place to unwind. New York has lived up to its reputation of always being a party city. But these days more small sized and friendly spots are now very popular as the big-guns (mega-clubs)!

Berlin is the kingpin of European high-living much like New York. There are a number of spectacularly designed night-clubs with party visuals and are lavishly done-up for the young and reckless party animals. The music loving crowd assemble in the door of Tausend which is not only safe and sound but also a hip and happening bar with full of Berlin’s stylish locals, especially on Saturday nights. The casuals won’t work in Tausend bar so sneakers are a strict no and you must leave it behind.

An outdoor sprawling space with live music as well as view of the river, Bar 25 is another one of Berlin’s hot spots. Kreuzberg’s, in the South of Mitte, 103 Club entertains numerous indie-pop and rock music lovers with on the stage acts and parties. The Cookies, rules as the favoured spot on Tuesday as well as Thursday nights.

London still stands out, despite Berlin’s resurgence as the city for its out-of-this- world night clubs and on the edge music scene. The trademark party atmosphere of London is highlighted with oil wealth, city wealth as well as daddy’s wealth! At West London’s Boujis nightclub, the royals and rich as well as famous people queue up to have a shot at the champagne and fruit juice and mix vodka, better known as “Crack Baby Shot’.”

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