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7 Tips To Minimize Plastic Surgery Scars

Going under the knife is a serious transition which your skin goes through. Sure, plastic surgery is an external surgery which takes place on your body, however, its ramifications are much long lasting. The scars which appear on your skin after you go through a plastic surgery are undesirable which often makes you wonder what  is it that you could possibly do in order to minimize those scars. While your skin feels great after that renewed texture after a surgical treatment, scars could make you feel sorry about the surgery. Take a closer look as to how you could make these scars vanish.

#1 Silicon Tape

The silicon tape or sheet is an effective procedure which envelops the skin with dense moisture. This treatment prevents the accumulation of bad collagen in the skin and also takes care of the adverse effects which that kind of collagen could cause. Normally, the atmosphere is friendly with the skin and aids in healing which in turn helps in preventing the scars on the skin. Silicon sheet is a treatment which has witnessed a lot of successful scar healing in the past as per one of the most skilled plastic surgeons.

plastic surgery#2 Skin Creams For Scars

The scars which often appear after the process of plastic surgeries could be healed by applying topical creams. These kind of topical skin creams form a seal around the scarred and skin and covers up the scar beautifully. It is way better to apply these creams and reduce the appearance of such scars than to bare a belly or a waistline which is embedded with surgery scars.  However, buy a topical skin cream only from a quality and trusted brand and do not forget to consult your surgeon before starting to use it.

#3 Radiation

If you are under the impression that only cancer patients go through the process of radiation, you would be glad to know that radiation treatments are also wonderfully effective in healing the scars. Many of the dermatologists and plastic surgeons agree that that this procedure has had a very high success rate and the scars after a plastic surgery surely vanish through the treatment of radiation.

#4 Reduce Caffeine Intake

Drinking too much of coffee before or after a surgery makes healing and recovery only worse, especially if your tea or coffee is combined with too much of white sugar. There are chances of water depletion from the body and any kind of healing in the body, especially skin related requires water to recover. Your metabolism and blood circulation also slows down with excess intake of caffeine, which means poor oxygen circulation in the body and this certainly does not make the scars any better.

#5 Avoid Smoking

The presence of nicotine in in the cigarettes increases the susceptibility of the skin to develop a scar tissue. Hence, if you constantly smoke before and after a plastic surgery, then it becomes very difficult for the tissues to get recovered and heal themselves. Smoking is by any means harmful for the body and makes various functions of the body sluggish, metabolism, digestion and sleep habits, so the function of healing is no different.

#6 Drink Lots of Water

Almost any disease or skin problem could be healed by water. So is the healing property of it, however without exaggeration, if you ensure a regular intake of 3 litres of water or more after your surgery has been done, the scars on your body would  not take that much time to heal. Water consistently absorbs the toxins and impurities from the body and flushes them out through perspiration and urine. So the skin remains cleansed and detoxed which helps in getting rid of the dead cells on the dermis. Hence, this process lightens the scars.

#7 Microdermabrasion

This kind of skin treatment does not guarantee that the scar would disappear sure shot, however it does help in getting a smooth texture of the skin and minimizing scars or any such kind of imperfection which is present on the skin. Microdermabrasion is similar to the treatment of micro sand blasting as in this procedure there are very fine crystals which are used to reduce the appearance of a scar or imperfection.