Top mobiles for gaming in 2014

Today’s technology makes it possible to take a computer with you wherever you go. That’s exactly what mobile phones are today. They have so many capabilities besides simply placing phone calls. Since they are essentially smaller versions of computers, they do have operating systems that are used to coordinate their tasks. Among these operating systems, the Android operating system is probably the most popular. Designed by Google, many of the mobile phones with the Android operating system are also terrific devices for gaming.

The HTC One is an ideal phone for gaming. Its display size is 4.7 inches which makes it easier to view images from online casinos. Gaming phones should also come with speedy processors, another area in which the HTC One excels. It comes with a quad core Snapdragon processor. This means gamers can stream and play online casino games at site like Gaming Club without concerns of lagging performance. With a speedy processor must also come a high amount of RAM which the HTC has at 2GB. LG also has a phone that is ideal for gaming. The Optimus G Pro also comes with a powerful processor but a much larger display measuring 5.5 inches.

The Nexus 4 can also fulfill anyone’s gaming needs. This phone does come with the required processor and RAM specifications. The display screen is the same size as the one found on the HTC one measuring 4.7 inches. If your prefer Samsung products, then you will want to consider the Samsung Galaxy S4. The latest version of this mobile phone has special capabilities that will interest gamers on the go. The touchscreen has been designed to have the sensitivity increased. This means that users can game at online casinos with their gloves on by using the touch less mode which instead allows players to scroll and swipe.