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How to Become An Apache Hadoop Administrator

What is Apache Hadoop and its purpose?

This is the first question everyone asks. But first things come first. Apache Hadoop is a platform the guys at Google decided to develop when they wanted to efficiently index all the rich textural and structural information they were collecting, but found out there was nothing on the market that could help them do this. Their innovations were incorporated into an open source project called Nutch which later gave birth to the Hadoop framework. Yahoo played a significant part in developing it for enterprise applications.

Hadoop is useful in situations where huge amounts of data have to be analyzed and utilizing tables is not an attractive option. The markets where these kinds of problems appear are many; a good example would be in finance, if you want to build sophisticated models that are always painful to jam into a database engine.

So, why you should become a Hadoop cluster administrator?

Well, as you can read above, Hadoop is useful in a multitude of markets, sometimes even necessary. And while the Hadoop developers are somehow rare, administrators are even scarcer. This means better job opportunities and a very nice paycheck. So if you like money and do not mind this kind of work this may be a good option for you, especially if you have prior experience as a cluster administrator.

Why you should not take this path? Well, if you do not like money or simply want to remain a healthy, sane person, you should definitely go look for something else.

Where to get started?

If you decided to get a better paid job, or like the power and the responsibility of being an administrator, the next step is to get a hang of what means to be a Hadoop one. You may find good articles and books on the internet, but this kind of job is mainly learned by doing it. Fortunately, you can also follow a course of administrator of Apache Hadoop, offered by several universities such as the one offered by Cloudera University. After you graduate the course, which involves passing a test, you will be awarded a sharp looking certificate that attests you are a competent administrator for Apache Hadoop.

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Why you should get a certificate?

Maybe because in this line of duty if something goes wrong, everyone assumes it is your fault. Possibly because everything should run smooth during your watch. Probably because you are expected to fix any problems that may arrive with the cluster you are in charge of. Furthermore the guys at human resources like admiring your diplomas when they decide if you will be hired or not. This is especially the case if you do not have experience in working as a server administrator.Hell, you may not even make it as far as an interview if you do not have a shiny piece of paper to show them. So stop browsing the internet and go study.