An Epic Road Trip across Turkey Island

Turkey Island was always associated with deep cultural background, oriental mysticism and adventure. This kind of eclectic is well-prominent not only among ordinal tourism but left the vivid impressions for scientific and luxury oriented visits. To call an epic road trip across Turkey Island would not be exaggeration if only to recollect about Sufism-heritages, magnificence of architecture and the big amount of other see-sights attraction.

Temptation of climatic wealth: mysterious and tender Black Sea and beach night celebration that hardly could be called as a party will certainly prove each personality to continue turkey visa. It is not so complicated to do after all. The statistic shows that each second visitor of marvellous islands keep in mind to stay here as long as possible. Not saying that many people had realized this dream and have never regret about the intention to spend more time in Turkey.

Just imagine all richness of Islands and all happiness that they could give you and the question about for how many days you are planning to enjoy of this beauty would not be actual any more.

There are more than 500 Islands which belong to Turkey and describe of them with their unique amazing famous in one of an article could be a crime because in any case the author involuntary could miss some of treasures.

So, let’s begin with Islands Shehir. It is one of the greatly prominent of its wonderful resorts and beau monde beloved beaches place for staying where you without any doubts need a long termed turkey visa (surely, it could be continued later).

It is a system of islands that includes the island of Horta, Kucuk, Sedir, but they are united under a single name Shehir. From the Gulf of Chumley anyone can get on a boat and admire the beauty of the islands, soak up the amazing, crystal clear water under the sun. On the island, you can sit in a cozy cafe, enjoying with perfectly strong oriental coffee, traditional sweats and, of course, amazing sundown…

Deserves special attention Orak Island (second place which requires turkey visa for longer period of time). Near Cape Karkydzhik and agricultural farm on the coast stretched pensions and upscale hotels. By this approach the shore difficult, so a favourite destination for diving and yachting became Orak Island. Its slopes are thickly covered with olive groves, but there is no settlement. Compared with the islands and harbours of Turkey, this island is unparalleled. Depending on which way the wind blows, you will be able to dock at the north or east of the harbour. Amazing azure sea amaze its cleanliness and pristine. It’s a great place for those who love to swim or scuba diving.

After solar entertainment, a bridge between the cradle of culture, Greece, and spiritual Turkey visiting Cyprus is a splendid idea indeed! Just think about above mentioned care of turkey visa and realize that this attention to official details assists to continue you’re traveling and discover many beautiful hidden treasures of Turkey and feel the sacral inspiration of violent whirling dervishes and picturesque views of islands.