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An Unique All Kind Health Supplement

Yes, you are reading about pycnogenol. It is an herbal supplement that comes from the bark of the French pine tree. It has a mixture of bioflavonoids that are found in fruits and vegetables. Horphag Research from Geneva in Switzerland guarantees its high quality and has been monitored for forty years for being safe and pure about the product. Its birthplace is from the largest forest at Europe in the south western France very near to the famous Bordeaux.

This herbal product bought to and to ageing and the problematic situation of erectile dysfunction. It is available in UK on all online stores at a much cheaper rate. French pine tree has the strongest antioxidants among the plant world. Other pine tree also produce antioxidants but not as strong as pycnogenol. But it is strictly mentioned not to jump to the conclusion. Consume with proper dosage daily maintaining with diet depending on different individual. You need to wait for at least ninety days or more to observe real progress.

herbal supplement Health benefit supported by science

This product has to undergo a lot of test for several times to be proved as safe. This is mainly because of its numerous health benefits. Researchers did not believe of its numerous treatment capabilities and thus it has to surpass different kinds of test. Finally this pine bark extract supplements has approved as safe by the Horpahag Research and thus it is sold without any prescription in UK. Till date no serious side effects has been reported about the product.

It is recommended to take the medication with or after meals because of its astringent taste. It has been proved to be a non-toxic, while powerful antioxidant with many health benefits. It has been used in many dietary supplements with surprising testimonies about the increasing health and prevention of diseases. The most promising research is about the positive effect on the prevention and treatment of diabetes. People having diabetes experience an internal oxidative stress. This breaks down the body which is called ageing. Now this protective supplement becomes a barrier in the blood vessels to curb away stress out of the body.

Effective treatment for erectile dysfunction

Penile erection needs the relaxation of the cavernous muscle that is triggered by nitric oxide. Pycnogenol is used for this treatment because it increases the production of nitric oxide. To get an erection you need satisfactory blood flow in the arteries of the penis. Pycnogenol stimulates the cells to produce nitric oxide from the amino acid L-arginine to maintain the erection. These nutrients not only promote the erection but also improve the male fertility.

One recent study shows that patients consuming one hundred milligrams of the pink bark extract supplement everyday reduces several key marks of inflammation. The herbal product has been found relieving the symptoms of menstruation. So isn’t this a good news for the woman in your life? The pain associated with the menstruation comes from the inflammation, and consuming only thirty milligrams twice on a daily basis can significantly help with the woman issue.