Connect With Your Kids When Working Through the Following Six Strategies

Is it just me or even you all who feel that the kids grow up way to fast? And we do know that the kids require quantity and quality of time in order to connect with them. We do know the value of tying heart strings between us. But what do all moms generally do when they are exhausted. Motherhood is not for wimps, and meeting the needs of our children can turn out to be draining up at times. Thankfully we have come across different ways to connect with kids who don’t require too much of effort, realizing that it does not take a circus act or Pinterest worthy craft to bond with our own kids. Given below are the some of the ideas and strategies that will help you connect with your kids when you are really very tired.

Asking them about their life: I know this may sound to be a bit boring and an obvious thing parents need to do, but there are still a few parents who don’t do that. Say for example I do know a parent who has no clue if her teenager has been dating someone or not. This is something that has really blown up my mind. I am not judging people who are unaware of their kid’s life, as this is something that might not even occur to them of going ahead and asking their kids some question. But knowing some or the other information on what your kid has been doing will lead you to a situation that I generally encountered the other day. My seven years old son came to me for an advice on how to tell his girl that he likes her. To me this is something more satisfying rather than not knowing what’s going on. Plus asking them questions will make them feel that we love you and wish to know everything that is happening with you.

parentingReading: This is some of the best ways to connect with your kids. This is something that always goes with the activity when one time is cranky and just requires some attention of yours. One time likes to pick up his own book and we sit on his special chair, landing up talking a lot while reading – where I read the text and then begin discussing the pictures, and the last but not the least begin asking questions to each other. It is believed and said that the more slowly you read the book, the more enjoyable the experience turns out to be.

Bathroom play: This is something every parent has to be careful about. You need to be playful with your child teeth telling him/ her that you see different things/ individuals in their mouth. You can give them a running narrative of how you see bob the builder (or ad your child’s favourite character) way at the back the molar and your trying to get them cleaned too. When one time is in bath he or she will still enjoy playing peekaboo in the tub. Have your child layed back in the water with his/ her ears under tapping out the rhythms on the other side of the tub.

Getting Active: Have you ever gone to the park with your kid and climbed on any of the playing structure with them? Swung with them on swings? Took a turn with them in your car? Bounced on your own trampoline? Playing with them on the beach? I don’t know if this is something that is really unusual for me or even for the others, but when we put down the phone or book and join our hands in their play their faces just light up. We have fun together, laugh and play ending up feeling really closer. This is something that is really very worth each and every single time you play. 

Art, Crafts and Making Things: Not all kids turn out to be crafty, but most still continue to love a few things like having you fold a paper plane or fortune teller for them. For parents and kids who enjoy crafting continues to give them a nice side by side activities allowing for continues conversation rather than pressure. Doing arts and crafts with kids generally means you need to have a lot of ideas around, so that can use whatever you have in hand without making things complex.arts, crafts

Have technology free times and spaces: Have you ever been out to a restaurant and looked at the people around you. Generally what you get to see here is people are just looking at their phones and not talking to the ones around them. So if you are too like that then do not try and engage in more activities with your child and family. You can instead play cards, games, go out for a walk, or something that your child finds it’s enjoyable. It does not matter what it is, what matters is you are spending time with your family and child. Trust me this is how kids spell love.have technology

To conclude:

These tips are like just the tip of a iceberg. Being a good parent is never seemed to be an easy job. So do keep in mind that your children are kids just for a while, and everything that you say and do can change them into who they are. So make your actions count.

The post is by Michael, Marketing Manager at Ampliz, specializing in email appending and marketing database management software, editing blogs, case studies, and guides.