How to Become an Affiliate for Online Forex Brokers

If you are spending time creating a website that discusses the virtues of the forex markets, then you probably have heard about affiliate marketing. This is a business that allows you to generate additional income if you can send your visitors to another site and they engage in some form of business transaction. Affiliate marketing is active in many industries, but the most lucrative is capital markets trading. This is because of the value of a trader who is actively investing, provides solid spreads and commission to a forex broker. Here is how an actively investing affiliate program can work for you.

Why Should You Look at Affiliate Marketing in the Forex Space

The forex market is very large with more than 5-trillion in notional value traded per day. Most of the transaction are moderate in size, meaning there are millions of transaction. To get a piece of the pie, forex brokers are willing to pay big bucks. Their profit margins on each transaction are relatively small, but the risks are also small making this a prudent business.  Forex brokers will often use an affiliate program to market their products instead of attempting to market themselves. This strategy is used in conjunction with advertising and provides large cost savings to a forex broker.

What are the First Steps

The obvious first step is that you need a website or social media platform that will provide you the infrastructure to send customers to a forex brokers website. This can be a blog, a signals site or even your facebook page. You don’t want to send clients that have no interest in trading and your affiliate partner will likely reject your request if you are not capable of sending people to them that are interested in actively trading. So, if your website creates reviews of washing machines, most of the customers will likely be interested in buying appliances, and might not be keen on signing up at a forex broker.

If you have a website or an idea for a website where you can attract capital markets, clients, then affiliate marketing to a forex broker could be right for you. Once you believe that you have the right formula, you should look for a broker that has a good reputation. If you look for reviews online, you might find brokers that don’t pay on time or argue about the value of a customer. Make sure you find multiple reviews of the same broker before you make a decision. Additionally, some brokers might have multiple affiliate programs that you can join. Once you receive approval from your affiliate partners, you will be sent HTML software code that you can add to your website, which will allow your partner to track clients that come directly from your website. This will provide your affiliate partner with the necessary information they need to credit you with a sale.

Are All Affiliate Programs the Same?

There are a number of different types of affiliate programs. What you need to investigate is how you get paid. Some brokers will pay you a onetime fee, called CPA when a client makes a deposit and a transaction. Some may even pay a percentage of the dollars earned from that client. Prior to signing up you should perform some due diligence and research the best affiliate partner for your web site.