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Serviced apartments make business sense

As one of the world’s chief financial and business hubs, the city of London attracts a vast amount of business visitors each year. Some of these visitors will only stay for a couple of days, whilst others can end up spending weeks and months in the city.

Of course, as any visitor to London will know, staying in the city is an expensive business, and this means that companies sending workers to the city can end up spending vast sums of money on accommodation for their employees.

Unfortunately though, if they’re putting their workers up in hotels, companies are actually wasting huge amounts of money unnecessarily, as there is a much better, and cheaper, way to house their employees during their stay in the city. That’s because, for visitors to London, serviced apartments are the perfect solution, allowing you to stay in the city without paying through the nose to do so.

Many businesses have recently started to become aware of the startling financial benefits that serviced apartments offer. Instead of having to pay for an expensive hotel room for each member of their staff, companies can make huge savings by putting their staff up in a shared apartment where the price per night is the same whether one or five people are staying. Even better, the longer the duration of the stay, the lower the price per night becomes. Whether it’s for workers on short term contracts or employees in the city for training purposes, a London serviced apartments makes so much more financial sense for a business than paying for hotel accommodation, and the savings a company can make can run into thousands of pounds over the course of even a short stay.

But of course, it isn’t all about the financial benefits – a happy employee is a productive employee, so the wellbeing and contentment of a business’s employees must be considered too, and again this is where serviced apartments have a significant advantage over hotels.

The average London serviced apartments is between three and five times larger than an equivalently priced hotel room, giving guests much more space to relax in, as well as a greater sense of wellbeing. There’s a huge psychological difference between being able to move freely between a separate living room, bedroom and fully fitted kitchen and spending downtime in a single room. This freedom also extends to the lifestyle that rental apartment residents experience, as they’re free to come and go as they please, have guests over whenever they want (and actually have space to entertain them in) and eat whatever and whenever they like rather than being constrained by a hotels particular rules or timetables. Guests also experience increased levels of privacy during their stays, as there are no other hotel guests or members of staff to disturb them.

Indeed, as the lifestyle experience of staying in a rented apartment is so similar to the lifestyle they’d normally enjoy at home, it gives visitors a much greater sense that they have a home away from home than an impersonal hotel room ever could.

There are numerous serviced apartments available for short and long term rental all over London, but for those looking for accommodation close to the city itself, a company called Your Space are highly recommended.

Summary: A guest post detailing the benefits to businesses of accommodating their employees in serviced apartments rather than hotel rooms when on business trips.