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The Best Instagram Analytics to Boost Your ROI in 2020

Virtually all digital and social media marketers agree that 2019 will see an escalation in brand wars as an increasing number of businesses pour in more resources into digital marketing. It will naturally require extra monitoring to ensure that the campaigns stay on track and deliver the maximum possible return on investment. Tracking Instagram ROI is possible with a large number of Instagram analytical tools that are available both free and in paid versions. A quick look at some of the best analytical tools that brand managers can use to tweak their Instagram marketing campaigns and deliver the maximum ROI:

Later’s Instagram Analytics

Those who are looking out for a comprehensive and powerful analytics tool to monitor their Instagram profile performance should consider Later’s new Instagram Analytics. This tool permits users to track Instagram post-performance over a time period as long as three months for Stories and two weeks for a normal post metrics such as likes, comments, and engagement rates. If the number of likes is below par, brand managers can employ agencies like stormlikes to generate real Instagram likes to boost the engagement rate.

The app’s “Best Time to Post” feature tracks when most of your followers are online and advises of you the best time for maximum engagement potential so that you can post accordingly. There are two versions of Later’s Instagram Analytics, free and paid.

Instagram Insights

This is a free app made available by Instagram on both the Android and iOS operating systems? Instagram Insights provides information on specific posts as well as Stories published by you whenever you want from within the app. To access the app, you need to have a business profile, which will have an “Insights” option conveniently located at the top of the sidebar menu of your profile. To obtain a complete breakdown of the analytics of your Instagram account, you just need to tap the “Insights” option.

Keyhole for Instagram Hashtag Analytics

There can be no denying the continued importance of Instagram hashtags even as the social media network itself has evolved a lot in the short period if its existence. Given the vital importance of hashtags, it is extremely important for Instagram marketers to get access to data regarding how their Instagram followers are responding to them and the relative performances of campaign hashtags, even hashtags, and branded hashtags. Using Keyhole, campaign managers can tack as many as 25 different Instagram hashtags simultaneously. Hashtag monitoring gives comprehensive performance data, including how many times the hashtag has been used, where it has been employed, and the top posts that have incorporated it. While Keyhole’s basic hashtag-monitoring tool is free, the paid plans start from $149 per month.


With the competition intensifying, Instagram campaigns are taking more effort, time, and money to execute. When the future of the brand is at stake, it is very important for Instagram campaigns to be monitored closely and the performances across each and every metric analyzed and refined to the extent possible to extract the best possible ROI. Instagram marketing managers often need to use a combination of several analytics tools to get a firm grip on the areas of concern so that they can set them right without delay.

The post is by Pete Campbell, a social media manager and he has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights clients, helping them to buy real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write, and play baseball.