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Easy Ways to Make More Revenue from Existing Website

IF you were to read articles and have been keeping an eye on the changing SEO trends you will know that Quality is reigning the roost. Panda and Penguin updates have changed the way articles are written, links were connected and way your website was designed. To succeed in this realm, it requires certain important tweaks- bear in mind that quality content and rightful promotion will help in better sales performance. Articles on search engine optimization these days often discuss Google’s changed expectations. To succeed on Google search today, you need to publish valuable content that engages the reader. Your content should also interest readers enough to make them want to share it with their friends on the social networks.

seoLink Effectively
When you own a website, make sure that the effort is shown. As an enduser and most importantly a potential customer when I am in need of information, it should be provided in a quick manner. While designing the layout, make sure that the webpage has the links placed in an orderly manner. They should guide you to know more links in an effective fashion.
Gone are the days when internal links had value to increase SERPS, now it takes a lot more quality content to have better rankings. Nevertheless the internal links do help direct the customer to more directed search for a product. If your website is catered to celebrating Christmas in a unique manner and includes pet Christmas toys, as a customer I would be pleased to see some personalized Christmas charms for buying it this holiday season. The options are endless, when you want sales, keep it simple and straightforward yet shrewd with the sales pitch.
Use Social Bookmarking Sparingly

Social networking sites such as Reedit, stumbleupon are just a few to begin where users can store a share worthy page for reference. As a business it is your goal to design pages that increase interaction online and hence initiate sales. Good word of mouth is essential for better placement of your company in the competitive market. Install the right plugins for them to share, so that when they do it in their circles

  •  Use long tail keywords in your website and for this you can use the Google’s Keyword tool. More unique keywords will help in better definition of your product. For eg, NFL sport tickets has better targeted traffic than just tickets.
  • While using social bookmarking widgets, it should show a brief overview of the larger picture of the page it has to lead to.
  • Lead to pages that are newsworthy and dubious information or links leading to no context to the search will put your company in a bad light.

SEO Techniques for Social Media Platforms
Facebook and twittter are two major platforms to promote your business to a vast audience. They are no longer a means of meeting people and sharing ideas with like minded people. It has evolved over time and businesses are promoting their company profile and maintaining the fan base online and interacting with their customers.

  • Maintain a Company profile page
  • Interact with users about the latest developments about your product, customers want to know about any advances and want to be a part of the big picture
  • Build the relationship, this is possible if you are not overly promotional you can use this platform to build customer base sans the demographic limitations of your town.
  • BE receptive and reply to any queries or problems they have in an orderly fashion.

The success ratio of your website is entirely dependent on understanding these factors. Quality content by itself will not find its target audience as the competition is too high. Having a niche and ranking well does take time. These strategies like the one listed above will definitely help your pages convert into sales. This time and energy well spent will reap benefits in no time.

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