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The Right Things to Do to Boost Your Web Design Brand on Instagram

With more than 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is certainly a staple for numerous successful businesses including several web design brands online. With Instagram constantly coming up with new and smart business-specific features, this is the best marketing platform to leverage if you wish to widen your reach and build a strong follower base. There is already an audience on this vibrant social media platform, waiting to connect with you.

This is an era of instant gratification and consumers are pretty used to getting super-quick and instantaneous information right from endless newsfeed on Instagram to the 24-hour news channels. We understand that the human brain would always be absorbing a picture much faster as compared to skimming 140 characters. A photo speaks volumes and would convey a lot more as compared to text. Hence, photo-oriented Instagram is certainly the best platform for boosting your web design business.

As per Hubspot, with over 500 million active users on a daily basis, brands have realized quickly the necessity of having a robust presence on this powerful visual-based social media platform called Instagram. However, only those brands are getting the fullest advantage from this photo-sharing social media platform, that is really smart about when and what they are posting, whom they are specifically targeting and how frequently they are posting. Let us explore some of the right things to do on Instagram to boost your web design business.

Consider Measuring Traffic via Shortcuts

If you chalk out and implement an effective marketing stratagem, more and more people would be accessing your Instagram profile. One effective technique of analyzing accurately this growth in traffic is by tracking the clicks you get via shortcuts like or By using, you could accurately measure how many users actually clicked, and exactly when they had clicked. Moreover, you could write notes describing the outcome of each action associated with a link. This tool is a critical tool for measuring the outcomes of various kinds of campaigns happening on your Instagram account.

Focus on Engaging Customers

Your web design business would not show phenomenal growth unless you ensure effective customer engagement. As a web designer, you must understand all the complexities associated with boosting effective customer engagement. Instead of utilizing technical jargons, you must consider simplifying things. Instagram is the best way of simplifying the overall web designing process. You must take the fullest advantage of Instagram Stories for showing to your present and prospective clients precisely how your designing team actually brainstorms, creating rough designs, using graphics and colors, throwing animations and delivering timely a successful web design project. You may consider sharing your success story. This would help you get many free likes and numerous real Instagram followers.

Remember to Use the Right Hashtags

As a budding web design business, you must focus on using the right hashtags relevant to your web design business while posting a video or photo. The present search result menu would be demonstrating precisely which hashtags seem to have the maximum interaction at a precise time or on a particular day. Moreover, the search result menu would be aggregating similar content through those hashtags. When you utilize the most relevant hashtags effectively, you would be getting more free traffic specifically to your posts and thereafter, more and more Instagrammers would be interacting directly with your web design brand.


Now that we have disclosed ways to give your web design company a much-desired facelift, you must certainly take the initiative. You must at once, start growing and boosting your overall fan following on Instagram. Use Instagram for demonstrating your web designing knowledge. It is a good idea to flaunt your talent and expertise on Instagram and remember to be really generous with sharing all that you know.

The post is by Pete Campbell,a social media manager and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He loves to travel, write and play baseball.