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6 Ways To Find Guest Posting Sites On The Internet

Guest Posting is becoming synonymous with Link-Building & Search Engine Optimization. If you want to impress Google then you have got to build backlinks & what better way than to Guest Post in high authority niche specific sites.

Guest posting sites are being increased in the demand because it’s a key way to increase Domain Authority & rank for competitive keywords driving disproportionate traffic.

Bloggers are always finding a new way to market their content on the internet because they want to add excellent links to their content so that people can find their content interesting and delivered onto the high-end. The very important and the most crucial part to guest blogging is the link building to your website, and this can only happen from identifying guest post opportunities for yourself.

Instead of being found just on your website, guest blogging allows you to be found on multiple websites at the same time which allows you to establish credibility.

What are the things to consider during a Guest Posting?

1. Never post in a spammy website impostering as genuine

It’s really hard to distinguish a PBN site from a genuine site it looks and feels a lot like a genuine website. A PBN site will have high domain authority & high spam score as well, while at the same time the incoming traffic will be ZERO.

If the Domain Authority is high like 25-30+ but traffic is ZERO then never guest post on such sites, it’s likely to be a PBN site, if such sites are caught & penalized then that would directly affect your website.

2. Find high Domain Authority sites

Always guest post on sites having more Domain Authority than that of yours, it is only then that the link value may get passed & you can increase your website Domain Authority.

3.Guest Post on sites aligned to your niche

The authority will be passed, your domain will appear authoritative & expertised to Google only if authoritative website from your niche & referring to your domain, if it’s a Multi-Niche blog then the authority might likely not pass.

4.Contribute to high traffic sites

The real ROI of guest posting is not only the amount of domains referring to you or the amount of domain authority you have managed to rise, but more importantly it is the referral traffic you can manage to drive, that’s how it serves the agenda of your main website rest is superficial. That is the reason why people are willing to publish content on sites like ThriveGlobal & Entrepreneur from where they get a nofollow attribute link, the real treasure is referral traffic.

  1. Showcase your author profile

With Google’s E-A-T Framework coming into effect, it only becomes necessary to showcase your author profile & social media links to establish expertise & trustworthiness.

What are the ways to find guest posting sites through the help of the internet?

Most of the severe bloggers will start by identifying the thought leaders in the market and then later give importance to their niche. Here are some ways through which you can find the best guest posting opportunities and sites on the internet.

1. Google

Google is one of the best places to hunt for guest blogging sites, you can simply perform a search “sites that accept guest post” to find the potential prospects. To narrow further down you can search

You  keyword “guest+post”
Your keyword “write+for+us”
Your keyword “free+guest+post”
Your keyword “contribute”
Your keyword “submit post”
Your keyword “submit content”
Your keyword “guest bloggers wanted”

2. Facebook

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the best tools to find guest posting opportunity. There are Facebook groups dedicated to the very purpose. Simpy search guest post in Facebook go to groups tabs & join all the guest posting groups and start posting your requirements, the responses will be rather quick & you will likely come across Free guest posting opportunities.


Another great tool which is actually Free to use, there directly has +9900 websites, just search for keywords of your choice & search engine reveal the results containing website links to whom you may now contact via email, contact form or social to seal the deal.

  1. Twitter

People have a knack of posting guest post requirement on Twitter & also to declare that they have made a guest post to so and so site, all you have to do is search for “guest post” on Twitter & you will see all the conversations, you can identify guest posting opportunities that supports your niche, get in touch with them & strike the deal.

  1. Author Bio trick

You already know of famous blogger from the niche where you intend to crush it, go to one of there blogs & at the bottom you can find their author bio containing bio headshot, right click on the headshot and click search google for this image, the search results will reveal the list of website where that author has contributed content, now you may also publish content there.

  1. Ubersuggest

It’s really simple, Google the content you wish to rank for, copy URL of featured snippet result website & search for it on Ubersuggest, go over to Top Pages & find that URL & it’s backlinks. In backlinks you will find website where you can potentially guest post content not the same topic but somewhat related topic, this helps those websites with topic clusters & you with link building, everybody wins.

Time to wrap up

Okay now you have understood the whole idea and meaning behind the concept for guest posting, it will be your full responsibility to take it further. Make sure that you review your complete article before you submit it.

Don’t take a chance for the editor or the blogger to give your article a read and then decide that it won’t be the one thing that they want to post onto their site. Always be clear with your idea of the blog that you are writing. If you come clear here, then your guest posting will be live on the internet and this way, you can get more exposure than what is needed.