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6 Effective Tactics To Increase Instagram Stories Engagement

instagramInstagram is one of the game-changer social media apps. It is the most well-known and loving app for both marketers and regular users. It is the right place to start your business; Instagram won’t bother about your business. Most of them fall on Instagram because of its attractive features. As of Jan 2020, it holds 1 billion active users monthly. You can start any business. Every marketer thought right now will be how to maximize Instagram engagement. Due to many business profiles entries, you have to put extra effort into gaining back your Instagram engagement.

In this article, let’s visit the most effective tactics to improve your Instagram engagement rate.

Ask Appealing Question In Caption Part

There are no hidden secrets to gain more engagement in your post. Once you posted in the feed, people started to watch the post, caption part within a bit of a minute.

With 10-15 comments starting one hour of uploading your content, that is, videos, pictures, or any images will decide whether your content will display on the explore page or not.

Particularly lengthy comments your audience offer to deliver their thoughts or opinion. Encourage your audience to give meaningful lengthy comments to you. It will assist you in many ways. Now you will get why I have mentioned you to ask the question in the caption part. It brings more chances to make people comment as well as in a meaningful way.

You will question why it’s essential to make your content appear on the explore page, right! Well, when your content presents on the explore page, more people will see your post. Engagement hits here; your post will spread to a broader audience after your followers. It will raise your new follower’s rate. If they get impressed with your particular post, sure they will visit your profile feeds and stories. If they believe that your account is right for them, then they become your followers. 

Try Posting Carousel Post

Actually, it works for you; through multiple posts, you can send any message or stories through your audience. Carousel is the slides of photos and videos one after another; you can mix up 1 to 10 and post them continually on your feed. You can develop any story behind it since you can’t bind all your info in a single post. You can use this method to present your ideas, thought in detail with engaging examples.

Though many business marketers are not practicing this type of post since it will receive fewer likes. But maximize your impression rate, and it reaches many people. Did you know? It receives many savings when compared with regular posts from the audience side. It shows that people are interested in watching your post. That is more important because people notice your action.

Make Use Of Story Polling Features

Polling features is nothing but asking this/that option; it may be anything to your wish. First, with yes or no, agree or disagree terms. It reveals whether your audience is engaged with your content and helps raise the audience’s visibility. Like all other posts, you can measure results with likes, comments. The more engagement you receive, the more views, reach, the impression you will get. Before creating Instagram polls, you can buy story views from Snaphappen for your existing stories so that there is a hike in the number of views for your future upload as well. You can encourage people to be engaged in two ways. Polls, Engagement bar. You can simply frame yes/no question, don’t overthink. Remember, you can ask about any topic engagingly.

Come Up With One Specific Hashtag 

You may get to know it in many places; placing one specific hashtag in an Instagram story will be more potent than placing two many hashtags in a feed. 

First, start it, test, evaluate it. Next, try another set of hashtags for some time. Luckily, you can get the correct number of people who visit your story under that one hashtag. You can quickly identify which hashtags work more and are liked by your audience. Ensure that specific hashtags connect with the story.

Be Innovative In Your Instagram Story 

Remember, people will get bored, annoyed to watch the same kind of stories. So try to experience all types of content. Instagram offers so many useful and exciting features and stickers for story use of it.

You can build innovative Instagram stories by

  • Polls
  • Engagement bar
  • Ask question features 
  • Live videos
  • Images, photos, visuals 
  • Countdown feature
  • Giveaways 
  • Music And more 

Post Often

You should limit your post per day. If you aim to grow your account, then always try to fill your feed with posts. Regular posts will lift your engagement and motivate the people to connect with your content. Secondly, you must consider the posting time; it matters. You can use Instagram analytics to know your audience’s active time; you can follow the tools to find more about your audience.


Follow the technique of posting a story immediately after a feed post. It helps to bring more audience to your feed post. Be constant with what you do; keep on modifying your marketing strategy to gain maximum engagement and reach. Always spark creativity and humor in every post.