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Tour the Sites of the Summer 2012 London Olympics

         With London celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee, Wimbledon and the Olympics this summer, it is the number one place to visit. However, as soon as the games start, a crowd of about 80,000 people is expected to descend upon the city and make viewing the sports extremely difficult. To keep ahead of the swarm while still getting the full effect, visit the sites on a guided tour to see what lies in store for the Olympic hopefuls.

1. Tour Guides Ltd.

One of the most extensive tours offered starts daily in the Lower Lea valley, a former industrial park and now one of the main stages for the athletes to showcase their talents. As the guided tour meanders along the paths that will take the stars to their international showdown, viewers can see the brand-new Olympic park as well as the old mills that occupy the surrounding space. The Olympic Park will house the majority of the events such as gymnastics, swimming, and track and field. The tour kicks off every day at 11 a.m.

2. The British Museum

Located in the heart of central London, the British Museum has long been one of the city’s finest and most famous sites. Due to the increased excitement of this year’s sporting events, the museum has started offering an “Olympic Tour” that illustrates the history of the event starting with Ancient Greece and continuing to the present. Visitors will get the chance to see real artifacts from the first Olympic games as well as medals from famous athletes. Call the museum to enquire about the tour.

3. British Tours

This tour group has long been recognized as one of the leading guides for London’s visitors, so it is no surprise that their tour of the city’s Olympic sites is among the best. The tour begins at the 500-acre Olympic Park and explains the plans for regeneration after the games are concluded. Then the guide will take tour members to the Royal Docks where the new Excel Center for martial arts has been erected. After a short lunch break, the guide will lead visitors onto a ferry in Stratford to see the Royal Artillery grounds and the Woolwich Common. From there, the tour continues to the old royal hunting grounds in Greenwich to see the site of the equestrian events and other field sports. Visit the British Tours website for more information.

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