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How To Select Your Ad’s Image For Facebook

Nowadays almost any business cannot exist without advertising his brand or company in the Internet. Effective marketing tool for advertising is contextual advertising in social networks, the main place in which occupies the Facebook. It attracts attention of advertisers possibility to choose exact target audience, considering the interests, age, gender, marital status and more. If you want your ads give desired positive result you must good understand the psychology of social networking visitors and use some tricks to get their attention. One of the most important tasks is to choose the right picture for your ad. On this depends desire of the user to read your ad and click on it.

1.   Give your ads a human face. Ads, depicting the people, generally have higher CTR and attract more user’s attention. The person in the picture should be positive and friendly. Carefully use a photo of a half-naked body – some users of Facebook can have puritanical views and they may interpret it as obscene. Also do not use images of people in full-length – a very distant focus does not attract attention and do not arouse interest.

2.   Image color should contrast with the colors of Facebook page. Then your ad will stand out on the page quality and attract more attention. Use bright and light colors: red, green, orange. Try not to use blue because it merges with the interface and completely unnoticeable on the site.

3.   Use a white background. Then the image in the ad will be easier to notice and stands out on the site. Besides white background makes the picture on your ad part of the interface because the Facebook page background is white.

4.   Instead vertical use the horizontal pictures. In this way you will take all the space allocated for a picture in your ad. Vertical picture is too small and narrow. Horizontal picture maximum occupies the entire space.

5.   Include the brand’s name into the image. You do not have any guarantees that user will click on your ad, but when he looks at it he formed a visual association with your brand. So you get the very real possibility of branding. It’s works because the number of people who saw your ads much more than those who clicked on it.

6.   Use close-up pictures. Since the size is restricted to a total of 100 * 70 pixels, many little details on your ad’s image will be mix and will not be noticeable. Then more precise and clearer image is – then it is clearer to users. To check is the picture in your ad legible or not –  step back one step away from the monitor. If you are able to make out what is shown on the ad – your ad is all right. If not – the picture should be replaced by a more legible and clear one.

7.   The picture should be relevant to your ad text. Inconsistency of text and pictures can be seen by users of social networks as an attempt to cheat their trust. Absolutely no reason to use in the picture kitten if you advertise tires for cars.

Author bio: Joe Craven is a specialist of context advertising and social marketing of Essay Writing Services . He writes articles on various topics that deal with internet marketing, branding and business promotion in the internet.