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Is your website looking perfect?

Tips to make it perfect

From the webmaster to the business owners everyone needs their website has to be perfect. This is the key to get more clients through approach or the web presentation. Please find some very important tips to get everything perfect in your webpage or in the website.


Pick a relevant domain name: Choose a domain name that is relevant to your website as well as the overall theme of your website. The domain name should bear the identity and the nature of your business. Choose a short domain name which is easy to remember. Ideally the domain name should contain maximum 63 characters. It should also be recognized by the target audience and the search engine.

Content:  Write clear, informative, and precise content. The content should be stuffed with as much information as possible. But make sure that the information you provide is relevant to the subject and theme of your website. Make your content unique and interesting so that the readers read out your content patiently. Make sure that the content is not too long because the web readers are usually scared of long and endless content.

Font: Keep a consistent font size and color throughout your site. The size should be big enough so that the readers do not have to struggle while reading the article.  Script-like fonts, such as Gothic lettering and other artistic style fonts should be strictly limited to the logo and signature of the website. Avoid using flashy text since it disturbs the visitors and discourages them to read the content for long.

Colors: Keep the background color preferably white. You can also opt for pale colors. You may use the colored text to highlight important information. If you choose to use a color other than black for your text, make sure it is dark.

Fewer clicks: The more the visitors have to click around your website, the sooner they will tend to leave your site. Along with minimizing clicking, minimize scroll as well.

Increase the line spacing: Proper spacing between two lines is necessary to increase the readability of your content. If the space is too little, readers’ eyes may spill over from one page to another. If the space is too much, eyes of the readers may get lost between two lines of the text.


Using frames: Avoid using frames. Although frames help the users navigate the site easily and find the necessary information fast, but there are downsides. Using frames do not allow the address bar to change when you go from one page to another. This makes it impossible for visitors to bookmark the page or link to a specific page in your site. This also makes it impossible to share the page with friends by emailing the link.

Sleazy elements: Do not use sleazy and decorative elements just because they look good. How can a person concentrate on reading an article when there are things flying around the page? Also, when there are too many images and graphics on your site, it slows down the loading process. This irritates the readers and compels them to leave the site.