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The Secret to being an Instagram Success

It is a known fact that social media has become so revolutionized in the recent years. Only very few people have no social media account, and those that own one open their accounts everyday. Social media has drastically changed the way people share and spread information on the internet. In fact, entrepreneurs and internet marketers have now quickly realized the power of getting word out about their businesses via social media.

One of the most successful social media platforms today is Instagram. It is being used as often as people use Twitter. A single, quick post can reach millions of people–if the post is good enough to be circulated. If you are an entrepreneur who is interested to use Instagram as a way of marketing, you’re probably wondering how to get more followers. Alas, only celebrities and famous personalities have the ability to attract followers without doing anything. If you are an ordinary businessman looking to expand your market via Instagram, what should you do?

Here are some quick tips on how to gather followers on Instagram–the right way:

1. Make your content count.

If you have an Instagram account, do not use it mainly to post updates of your daily life. Chances are, your life is not filled with drama and magic, and people will find your pictures boring. Make sure to upload pictures that are eye-catching and will lead people back to the business you are promoting.

Make use of very interesting info graphics that contain your website link so that people can visit your actual business site upon finding your Instagram pictures.

However, do not overdo the posting as many people can get turned off by those that post spams. Do not use Instagram mainly to inform the world what you had for every meal of your day, or what you bought from a high-end boutique. Use powerful info graphics to convey good content that will attract Instagram users to your website.

2. Use hashtags on your posts.

In Instagram, hashtags work the same way as Twitter. You can include as much as 30 hashtags in your post in order to cover a lot of keywords that will lead people to your business. For example, in a picture of your new beanie hat purchases (for your beanie hat business), you can hashtag #babybeanies #hatsforbabies #babyhats #cutebabyhats and so on. If you want to approach this technique more scientifically, do a keyword research on Google to find out the most trending hashtags being viewed by people all over the globe.

3. Comment, like, and follow others.

Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. If you want to be followed, follow other people as well. Let people get to know you by leaving meaningful comments, liking pictures (do not have a liking spree!), and follow people related to your niche. Be sure to leave very thoughtful comments, as this will attract potential clients to follow your Instagram account. Search Instagram for people with the same interests as you have and follow them. Chances are, they will follow you back as well.

4. Share other people’s content.

You read it right. You’d be very surprised to find out that by sharing other people’s content, these people will be encouraged to share your content to their followers as well. It is a natural human interaction thing–if you do a favor for someone, they will do the same to you as a form of gratitude and appreciation for spreading their content. Don’t be afraid that these people might gain more followers than you–it doesn’t work that way. Karma exists scientifically and psychologically everywhere, even on social media. The more you share other’s contents, the more they will share yours, too.

5. Use geotags on your posts.

Personalize your posts by adding details about where you are at the moment the picture was posted. This will let your followers know where you are located. Some of them might be near or in the same area as you, and this opens more doors for face-to-face socialization. Besides, giving more personal details in your post will appeal to people’s emotions and will bring the level of your business down to a more intimate, personal level–something that your followers can relate to. You will not just be another account on Instagram–you are actually someone who lives in a certain area in the world with a house/office in this street. You are not a computer robot; you are actually a human being.

Just post great content with appropriate hashtags and geotags, and comment and circulate other people’s content, and you’re sure to observe an improvement in the number of your Instagram followers in no time.

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