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How to Turn Your Fitness Workout Into a Pleasant Habit?

You will all probably agree with the fact that it is quite easy to start going to the fitness and working out. One way or another you will increase your personal motivation and take the first step. However, problems with regular exercise at the fitness start later. Most people make a couple of first steps and fail moving on to the other one. Why is that so? The answer is pretty simple, actually: They fail making their fitness workout a habit they can’t miss, just like they don’t miss to brush their teeth in the morning.

It is not easy to get used to certain physical activities you are supposed to do when you start working out, but after all, it is not a mission impossible. The important thing is to have the desire and will to start working out. We strongly believe that you will find some of the following tips helpful for the rest of the process of turning your fitness workout into a pleasant habit.

Try to do your physical exercise at the same time every day

Choose the time of your physical exercise depending on the time when you have a lot of free time and when you feel motivated. It doesn’t really matter if it is a morning, an afternoon or an evening. Also, choose a specific time, for example 7:00 in the morning if you are “a lark” or 19:00 in the evening if you are “an owl” and stick to this schedule. Remember that if there is no specific time for your workout, you will leave it for later with an excuse such as “I don’t feel much energy right now, I will make my exercises later.” And this is easily turned into “I don’t have enough time today, I will leave it all for tomorrow.”

Use reminders for at least 21 days

It is proved that if you eat the same food at a regular basis for at least 21 days, it becomes part of your life much easier. The same thing applies to physical exercise. If you do it regularly for at least 21 days, you will be able to make it a part of your life without feeling you are doing it under pressure. So, in order to make the 21-day period easier for you, use a reminder on your cell phone. For example the alarm turns on half an hour before your workout in order to give you enough time to prepare yourself.

Put your equipment in a place where you can see it

Do not put your track suit in the closet but leave it on a chair in your bedroom in order to remind you about your exercise hours. Do not put away your sneakers in a random box somewhere but put them next to your favourite shoes. If we have to put this in other words – give your brain a visual reminder in order not to forget your exercise hours. There little notes will encourage you to put your priorities in order.

Do not have rest for more than a day

Do you know that people who do exercise once or twice a week miss their workouts more often than people who do exercise every day? It will be much easier for you if you train regularly.

Make baby steps

Most people are usually very enthusiastic in the beginning and exhaust themselves easily. If you start exercising to exhaustion in the very beginning, you might lose your desire and will quickly. Remember – when you start working out for a first time, it is enough to do exercises for 20 minutes a day. Increase the intensity and the duration of training gradually.

Chose an activity that you think is fun

If you are a person who don’t really like the everyday routine, choose Zumba, Pilates or Tae Bo. It is important to start your workout with a smile and finish it with a smile. Do not make yourself do something that you find unpleasant.

Be persistent and train even if you feel tired

It is true that workouts require energy but they also provide us with energy. So, be persistent with that.

Look for a partner who has already made workout a habit

You have a persistent friend who do not miss their exercises in the gym? Join them. It is more easier if you have someone who has already passed through all you are going through and have survived. This will keep you focus and motivated.

Do not cancel your training, unless something really important come out

An no, an invitation for having a cup of coffee with a friend is not a “really important” situation. You can always find an excuse or a reason to cancel your workout in the gym. So, keep focused on your goal.

Keep someone informed about your progress

Do not forget to keep someone informed about your progress, at least in the beginning. No matter if this person is your mother, your partner or a friend of yours – providing them with regular reports about your progress will keep you motivated.

Author Bio: Connie Jameson is passionate about fitness and health. She deals with home tenancy cleaning and she likes her home to be hygienic. In her spare time she loves to read.