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Computers usage in the USA

Now people all over world are extensively using computers in homes, offices, and for businesses to work their daily activities. Today, most of the Americans are going online to an information service or directly to the Internet to purchase the goods.  People are vividly using internet in their PCs, laptops, tablets and mobiles. With social media revolution companies and general are spending most time computers. Consumers are purchasing goods and services online, and there is little indication that online news features are changing traditional news consumption patterns.

It is known that 96% of school in USA have access to computers that are provided for general use. It is estimated that over 95.4 billion computers were sold in US in 2012. The broader home computer market continues to expand and appears to be maturing. The PC is a regularly used, indispensable household appliance to one in three adults. 80% of American households have at least 2 computers in the home. It is estimated that 74% of computers sold in US are used for business processes.

The average American spends 8 hours on computers, cell phones and televisions. Today, USA has an estimated 223,810,000 personal computer users across the country and the number has been rapidly increasing.