Halloween!!The celebration begins

The history of Halloween dates back to over two thousand years ago. In the beginning, Halloween was only celebrated by the Celts on 31st of October every year to mark the end of summer and to welcome another year as well. It is quite interesting to learn that Celts believed in the ancestral spirits. They believed that their ancestors would rise and wander across the land on this very day to possess the living. Therefore due to the fear of being possessed by the spirits of the dead, Celts had to dress up in attires which were associated with the underworld so as to confuse them. All lights would be put out in the neighborhoods on that special day and people would try to act like ghosts to avoid being haunted. In fact even the priests would carry out themselves in that manner a fact that is quite ironical.

However, nowadays the celebrations of Halloween have changed a great deal, what we see these days is not the true picture of what used to happen in the ancient days. The new Halloween celebration is totally something different as it majorly honors the dead saints instead of honoring the dead pagans in fact it has nothing to do with witchcraft or sorcery. It is also important to note that the above occasion is not a universal event. Therefore if you want the best place to celebrate Halloween, consider the following places

halloweenDublin, Ireland
we all know that St. Patrick’s Day (Halloween) was first celebrated by the Irish people right? Well this means that if you travel to any big Irish city in Ireland like the one mentioned above to celebrate Halloween, then you are likely to have the best time of your life doing so.

Seattle, Washington
If you visit Seattle on this occasion, you will be able to join the St. Patrick’s Day parade which is normally organized by the town’s Irish Heritage Club. Each and every individual in this town normally celebrates the event.  Numerous activities are usually carried out in Seattle on the day of celebration including the traditional race which is quite interesting.

Birmingham, England
The city of Birmingham is strongly influenced by the Irish culture.  As a tourist there, you can visit the Irish Quarter which is located just within the city to experience the culture of Irish people.  The music, dance styles and other entertainment activities here are normally influenced by the Irish way of life.

Coat Bridge
Residents of Coat bridge do regard St. Patrick’s Day as a very important day. They normally carry out a weeklong celebration so as to honor their traditional Irish way of life. The music, art and even other festival activities here are usually rich in the culture of Celts who were also the first people to celebrate Halloween.

New York City
New York City is one of the best destinations globally where one can celebrate almost every event. St. Patrick’s Day is therefore not an exemption, residents do form a long parade referred to as, ”The annual parade” which is also one of the longest parades in the world to mark this day. Therefore, if you settle for New York City, then you will be able to experience the best time of your life celebrating Halloween.

All visitors intending to visit any of the aforementioned places should contact the relevant authorities for more including the flight information. Go ahead and have fun, Halloween is just like any other special day.