Hong Kong’s Leading Virtual Office Provider and how they can Help your Business

Finding an office building in the heart of downtown in Hong Kong can be quite challenging as well as expensive. Then having to commit to multiple year contracts just does not seem like the best bet for a small or medium-sized business starting out. What if you did not have to worry and stress over a workspace? With that worry gone, would you be able to focus on your client rather than the money you are spending on an office space?

There is a way to have a premium quality office without the hassle of real estate, and that is by using a virtual space. Hong Kong’s leading virtual office provider is Servcorp, and you can experience this virtual office option by working from home while using the marketing materials and landline phone of a city centre address.

Keep reading to find out the top four reasons a virtual office can help your business succeed.

Professional Atmosphere 

One of the best reasons to use a virtual office with a new business is the professional atmosphere the office brings. Customers are much more business savvy these days. They do not answer when a mobile number they do not know is calling. They most of the time do not call back if answered by voicemail.

hong-kongWith a virtual office, you will have a dedicated receptionist to answer the landline phone and take a message. You will not have to use your home address on marketing materials, but rather the virtual office address of a premium office building in Hong Kong.


Another perk of using a virtual office is that you can have a beautiful site to use to meet clients in a prestigious office building at One Peking Road in Hong Kong. Your post will be fully furnished with a receptionist and meeting rooms to impress the clients you are trying to land. The address of One Peking is a prime area for commerce in the Tsim Sha Tsui district of Hong Kong. It has striking views of both the Victoria Harbor as well as the beauty of the city skyline at night.

One Peking also offers multiple landmark attractions including the Avenue of Stars, the Hong Kong Cultural Center, and 1881 Heritage, all within walking distance. Another significant trait is that the building is green; it uses natural lighting and has many energy-saving features.


A great way to help your business when you are first starting out is to keep costs down. This is difficult if you have to hire staff and train them, purchase office equipment, install a global IT network, and many other tasks.

By using a virtual office in Hong Kong, you are saving the exorbitant monthly rate to rent an office building in the financial hub of downtown. Instead, you pay a small amount monthly, and you receive a multitude of services such as mail management, 24/7 voicemail to email as well as free coffee and tea.


The last fantastic benefit of using a virtual office to help your business succeed is the amenities you gain. Not only do you get to use a distinguished address in the business district of Hong Kong, but you also receive an instant local telephone number with a receptionist and multiple hours using a private boardroom and co-working space. Lastly, you receive an IT network that is top notch. With Cisco end-to-end voice network, global number portability, and 99% uptime bandwidth, you cannot go wrong.

Why a Virtual Office Option is Better for Your Business 

If you are a small struggling business that is branching out and trying to gain momentum, you know how challenging it can be in regards to financial responsibilities to real estate. Finding a business location with notoriety is difficult.  One way to avoid the hassle of the office space dilemma is to investigate virtual offices.  These offices are on a month-to-month contract and are both professional and in demand.

Whether you want a prominent location for your small business, cost savings, a professional atmosphere, or all the amenities, a virtual office may be just what you are looking for to grow your small business!