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Costumes for London Olympics – Enjoy Designers’ Competitive Fashion Concepts

2012 London Olympics is a sports pageant that draws the attention from people across the globe. Lots of costume designers and brand owners are busy with designing gym suits. To be honest, the boundary between sports and fashion had been rather vague long time ago. We have already been familiar with that famous athletes become appealing models or designers later. So, which sports apparel wins the favor from those national teams? Let’s take a look below.

Top 1: Stella McCartney

British costume designer Stella McCartney is the first one to charm the crowd. She designed national apparel for athletes from the United Kingdom. Like before, she chose Adidas as her partner. Stella McCartney spent two years on preparing for designing those costumes. These clothes include uniforms for London Olympics and Paralympic Games. They are worn when athletes train and accept awards. Besides, Village wear that’s worn in casual time is also contained. Design inspiration was gotten from the national flag. So, red, white and blue are main colors. But small differences are detected because the national flag had already been used on too many products. Much denser British flavor is ideally applied. Will those colors have great influence for athletes? We will know after Olympics!

Top 2: Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren designed costumes for American Olympic team. Apparel worn during the opening ceremony, closing ceremony and daily are included. Actually speaking, Ralph Lauren had already designed game shirts in 2008 and 2012 Winter Sports in Vancouver. Having abundant experience in clothing design, Ralph Lauren got inspiration from 1948 London Olympics this time. What’s more, American elements in 1930s and 1940s are wonderfully combined. Colors like blue, white and red look great with the USA badge. Uniforms, handbags, hats, scarves and eye glasses all seem rather fashionable yet also retro.

Top 3: Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani designed both gym suits and all formal clothes for the Italy National Team. All athletes from Italy will wear sports suits and accessories from EA7 Emporio Armani on 2012 London Olympics. Giorgio Armani adopted rather simple design concepts this time. Costumes are mainly consisted of dark blue and white lines. He specially avoided using colors of the Italy flag. You can only see red and green on those polo shirts.

Top 4: Cedella Marley

Cedella Marley cooperated with Puma this time. Being the well-known musician’s daughter, she designed gym suits for the Jamaica National Team. All athletes from Jamaica will wear costumes designed by her. For sure, Usain Bolt won’t be an exception – people who run fastest across the world and have won Olympic gold medal for three times. High-tech cloth is used on these clothes, in order to promote athletes’ performance. Design inspiration was gotten from brilliant colors and patterns from this Caribbean nation. Usain Bolt ever told us he couldn’t find another designer better than Cedella Marley!

Top 5: Ermanno Scervino

Like above designers, Ermanno Scervino also got his design inspirations from the flag of The Republic of Azerbaijan. Light blue, red and green are ideally combined. Costumes for the casual time and match are designed by him. This designer is a pioneer on gym suit revolution. He always adopts original and creative patterns, breaking away from traditional patterns and those lousy clichés. Unique and high-quality products are released continually.