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5 Ways To Promote Your Business & Save Money At The Same Time

Effective marketing is the cornerstone of building a business. The problem for many entrepreneurs is that they are not able to launch a traditional marketing campaign. For this reason, and changing trends in the marketplace, they should follow these 5 ways to promote their businesses that will also save them money.

Give Something Away

MIT Professor, Dan Ariely, wrote in his book on behavioral economics, Predictably Irrational, that people will line up for something that is free, even if they would not consider paying a penny (literally) for it.

You can get rid of outdated inventory, old promotional items, and even product samples. Compared to the cost of a commercial on radio and TV, this will actually get people into your place of business.

Get on the Phone

Sometimes the best way to get the word out is to make a few phone calls. Let’s say you have a new promotion offering free shipping on any product people buy from you online. The promotion should be listed on your website, but people may miss it.

Many are often surprised at the success rate of reaching out to current customers and telling them that there’s a promotion going on, especially if you request permission to email it to them after they’ve already been told about it.

Inspire Other People

Nothing makes people want to give you money like knowing that some of it will go toward a great cause. One example of this is at Kleer-Fax, Inc., an office products manufacturer that is making a pink file folder bearing the logo of a charity that raises money for cancer research.

When people with custom Disney checks, purchase these file folders to hold their important documents, they can rest assured that they are supporting a worthy cause while also getting something they need.

Partner With Others

By partnering with another business, be it for charitable, logistical, or any reason, you’ll create a type of synergy that is only found when people are working together. The reason for this is because when multiple people/organizations can benefit by achieving the same goal, the growth that occurs is compounded, as opposed to linear.

Transform Your SEO

You have to attract visitors to your site. This not only includes interesting content, but a mastering of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By understand and implementing good SEO techniques, you’ll gain more people to your site, which is like having more people walk into your physical location, but perhaps from 10,000 miles away.

By implementing these low-cost marketing measures, you can not only get the word out about your company, but save money in the process.