How to Make a Fashion Statement That Lasts

Fashion and costume jewelry have historically been made in less expensive materials, but some modern shoppers are finding that they want pieces that are both high style and high quality. While plenty of cheap and chic options exist, in this economy it’s possible to get some wonderful higher end statement pieces that have the potential to last you far beyond the current season.

Here are four hints on how to find statement pieces that will give you a lifetime of wear.

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Seek out higher quality metals

jewelryUnlike most items of fashion jewelry made from lesser quality materials, jewelry made from precious metals like gold and platinum will retain its value and possibly even grow in value (as gold jewelry has steadily done in the past 15 years). Only rare and hard-to-find costume jewelry items by highly sought-after designers have the potential to retain their value as time goes on, whereas precious materials like gold and platinum have very real financial values that are completely independent of the actual design of the jewelry.

An increasingly popular choice for higher quality fashion jewelry, palladium is a member of the platinum group metals (PGMs), yet is markedly less expensive than platinum. Higher end materials will also tend to wear better throughout the years. Fashion jewelry that has been plated can more easily chip or fade, especially with repeated wear. Overall, jewelry items made from higher end materials will offer an incomparably superior quality and durability over costume jewelry.

Look for timeless designs

When purchasing higher quality and more expensive materials, it makes sense to be a little more conservative with regards to the designs that you choose. Seek out items that fit nicely into current trends, yet aren’t necessarily defined by them. You’ll want pieces that are versatile enough to match well to a number of outfits, and that will be able to adapt to future changes in style and trends.

Opting for more timeless designs doesn’t mean that you are stuck with boring pieces, however. Look for jewelry items that are classic but have a unique detail. Oftentimes the best statement pieces are the ones that reveal special decorative touches only upon further inspection. Great statement pieces can also be the most unexpected ones. Try less frequently seen accessories like brooches or lapel pins to stand out from the crowd – you’ll likely be able to find these sorts of under-worn items at lower prices, even in precious metals.

Go classic when it comes to everyday wear items

When choosing everyday wear items, like wedding bands or watches, luxury footwear, opt for more classic styles instead of passing fads. Especially in the case of wedding rings, no matter how over-the-top your style preferences tend to be, you should bear in mind that are choosing an item that you will be wearing every day for the rest of your life. It makes sense to choose something that is understated enough to pair well with anything you might wear.

You’ll also want to reserve the bulk of your accessory budget for these important items. While there is nothing wrong with 10K gold rings, 18K gold wedding bands are infinitely better. As noted before, even small differences can go a long way in creating a statement piece with staying power. Watches should similarly be made from a good material as well as from a reputable designer, with superior craftsmanship in addition to classic good looks.