The rise in mobile gaming

Online gaming, and gambling in general, is a controversial thing. Some say that it is fun to play, and even more fun if you play for real money. Others consider gambling a dangerous thing that can be addictive, and has the potential to destroy individuals and families not only financially, but also mentally. Some visit online casinos regularly to supplement their monthly budget, others would like to see all of them banned forever. The question – one that each person has a different answer for – remains: can an online casino player stay profitable for a long time?

Well… I don’t pretend that I have the right answer for this question. It is up to each player to decide for himself or herself if their activity at their chosen online casino is profitable in the long run, or not. Remember that most online players don’t play exclusively for profit – some choose online gaming as a form of entertainment, the wins being the unexpected benefit.

mobile gamingRight, I say wins – not all players lose at online games, in spite of the general idea. For example, the latest Euro Palace winners are listed right at the first page of the casino – and employ this as well to show visitors that gambling is not as bad as they think. Of course, it can be, but it’s most of the times the fault of the player.

Gambling addiction is a serios condition, characterized by difficulties in limiting the amounts or the time (or both) spent by players on gaming, thus harming the player, the player’s friends or family, or even the larger community. Compulsive gamblers will spend their own money first, ask for loans, or even steal and rob, just to satisfy their needs. It’s their personality that’s not working right – an addict is always an addict, some people say.

Keeping control of the player’s behaviour, setting clear limits to the amounts to spend at every occasion and not risking more than the player can afford to lose are the key to avoiding problems caused by this activity. If one plays mostly for fun, risking funds that one can afford, any problems can be avoided.

Winning at online casinos might not be easy – some games require skills and strategy, other (most of them) lots of luck – but it’s certainly a possibility. If you want to increase your chances of winning, choose games with better odds. If you think you can’t keep your gaming activity under control, well, choose another activity.